Our Story

Pink Pig Socks is a hosiery business operating at the Queen Victoria Market with a focus on Australian-made products. We carefully select socks of various soft textures and styles, and always choose to focus exclusively on delivering the best quality socks and service. We're proud to say our customers are always pleased and satisfied with us at Pink Pig Socks.

Our History

For two generations, Joanna, and her father before her, operated the hosiery business at Queen Victoria Market. After many decades at the market, the business has now been taken over when she eventually retired. Despite the change in owner, we continued offering their much-loved products with customers still regularly coming to our Queen Street stall for bamboo, Merino wool and cotton socks, all Australian-made.
Later, the brand 'Pink Pig Socks' was established with a greatly expanded variety of products. We now offer fashionable, funky socks with over 500 different designs. In addition, we also provide popular local Melbourne brands, such as Bamboozld, which offers premier quality bamboo fashion socks, proudly designed in Melbourne.
We have traded at our Queen Street stall location for nearly a decade and Joanna’s brother, and fellow market trader, Kerry, remains a dear friend to this day.

About The Owner

Faye, the proprietor of Pink Pig Socks, majored in Journalism and began her career as a journalist. It was her dream job when she was a child as she hoped to make the world a better and happier place through her reporting.

This career led her to work in the international tourism industry, then following a Master degree in Accounting, she worked in accounting and consulting in business investment migration programs.

At the same time, she began her socks business at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, and seeing how pleased her customers were with her carefully selected socks of various soft textures and styles, she chose to focus exclusively on delivering the best quality socks and service.

Her aim is to provide a fun and colourful journey of sock-inspired joy at her stalls to her customers.


Be happy as a pig in socks!